Medicine Snake
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Camlyn Stoeberl


Welcome To
Medicine Snake

from our family to yours.


 Hey Sweet Friend,

Welcome & I’m so happy you found me. My name is Camlyn, and I have been walking with animals as they move into the realm beyond for many years now, as a vet tech at the Humane Society. I’m also an herbalist, a Death Doula and a mama.

I’ve walked with my many two-legged (human) companions as they’ve lost pets or gone through very deep and challenging times. And I’ve walked through my own fires.

What I’ve found is that this work, this place of tending to grief, is really something I love to do and feel so honored to do… And our culture needs to properly grieve, both privately and communally.

This path for me really all began when I was just a little girl.

I was born in Colorado, but we moved to the lush woods of Northern Minnesota when I was 3 years old. We lived on Leech Lake Indian Reservation, near the Chippewa National Forest.

Growing up, we were very poor but my experience was rich in connection to the natural world.

I feel so privileged to have had everyday visits from animals like wolves, bears, deer and bald eagle.


From a very young age, I was inspired by nature and saw the land and animals as my kin.

I grew up feeling a direct connection or a thread that tied me to my natural surroundings. My grandfather and others near me growing up deepened this connection, teaching me about sacred cycles and the Medicine Wheel.

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When I was about 9, we moved from the green, lush forest to the driest mountain deserts of Northern Nevada. It was quite a shock to my system and at first, to be honest I was very unhappy living in the desert- I didn’t appreciate the ancient wisdom & knowing of the landscape yet.

I left as soon as I could, eventually ending up in Hawaii, where again a lush landscape provided me with deep experiences that would forever shape who I am.

The water and the warmth was exactly what I needed at that time in my life and I spent many years on Maui. I conceived my daughter there.

It’s also where I suffered through a terrible relationship and had the experience of completely breaking down the shell of the person I was.

It was the hardest thing I’d ever done, but I finally decided to get divorced and I left… I returned home, to the desert, a single mom with a beautiful little girl of my own to raise.


This time, the desert spoke to me. This time, I could feel the old land speaking to me. I was where I needed to be. And it’s where I remain today, with my beautiful daughter and our wild cast of animal familiars. I even now take my daughter Sophia way, way out into the desert where its just us for days. The wind and the mountains the coyotes lizards and the snakes

My name, Medicine Snake, was given to me by an enormous desert snake which slithered out in front one day when I was far out on the land and died right there before my eyes.

A year later, on a shamanic journey, I was again visited by the snake who again gave me this name.

It took some time and some soul searching to understand the gift I’ve been given. And it continues to evolve. But helping people and animals navigate the waters of grief, and helping renew and remember ceremony and ritual around grief healing is my work.

You have to feel it to heal it!

Grief is like an exquisite, deeply lonesome, and sometimes even very freeing dance. It’s a part of life. And yet, it needn’t stalk us like desert prey. We can learn to move through it… Walk with me, and I will show you.